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Crying Into The Beer of a Drunk Man - New Bomb Turks (Destroy Oh Boy!! - Information Highway Revisited) 

Give Me The Drugs - Sick Livers (Motors, Women, Booze, Drugs. Booze & Killing - self released) 

Her Name Was Jane - The DoGs (Hypersensitive - Detroit Records) 

Shadow Self - Hard-Ons (Peel Me Like A Egg - Citadel Records) 

Take Me Away - Joeys Coop (single - Citadel Records)

Flatiron - feedtime (single - Sub Pop)

Northern Lights - 3 Headed Dog (Howling At The Sun - Closer Records)

Farther - The Nice Folk (Touched - self released) 

88 =Scott Morgan Band (Revolutionary Action - Easy Action Records) 

Nothing From Nothing - The Fools (In Heat - self released) 

Do You Dig Destruction? - Turbonegro (Retox - Scandinavian Leather Recordings) 

King Of The Scum - Bitter Sweet Kicks (Linea Du Fuego - Beast Records) 

Bruita - Chris Masuak and The Viveiro Wave Riders Association (unreleased) 

Tomboy - Scorpion vs Tarantula (Claim To Fame - self released)  

The Interpreter - Vidunder (single B siide - Crusher Records)

I Can’t Control Myself - Antiseen (Groin Thunder: Trogg-Punk Noise From All Over The Place - Dog Meat Records) 

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Galvanized into action by boredom, The Barman will bring colour and mnovement into your dreary life with this slab of Real Rock Action. Here's the tracklist, as always if you want to know where to get something, drop him a line at barman@i94bar.com


1. Intro (The Turtles)

2. The Creature From The Black Lagoon - The Monsters

3. Ute - The Meatbeaters (45)

4. Gimme Some Skin - James Williamson & Carolyn Wonderland (45 - Leopard Lady)

5. Everybody Get Up - The BellRays (Black Lightning - self released)

6. Prince Planet - Nunchukka Superfly (Open Up Your Eyes to Smoke - Citadel)

7. Wife School - The VeeBees (45)

8. Jesus F Chris - HITS (Hikikomori - Conquest of Noise)

9. Baby You’re Not For Sale - The Scientists (Let Me Turn You On! - Real O Mind/Easy Action)

10. No Credit - Cheetah Chrome (Solo - Plowboy Records)

11. My Existence - New Christs (Live - self released) 

12. Ice Cold - The Movements (Like Elephants 2 - Crusher Records)

13. Bean Stew - Buffalo (Dead Forever - Aztec Music)

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After more than a year in seclusion, The Barman is back with a brand new episode of Drunk and Disorderly, the signature podcast for the I-94 Bar e-zine. Wrap your ears around this sumptuous feast of Real Rock Action:

Hangman's Walk - The Nomads (Solna - Devil's Jukebox)

Living With You Is Killing Me - HITS (Living With You Is Killing Me - Mere Noise)

In The Age of Stupidity - Los Chicos (In The Age of Stupidity - Dirty Water Records)

Gimme The Future - Leadfinger (No Room At The Inn - Citadel Records)

Baby It's You - Little Murders (7" single - Off The Hip)

Animal - Chris Klondike Masuak and Los Eternos (7" single B side to Another Lost Weekend - H Records)

Rock and Roll Terrorist - Psychotic Turnbuckles (Destroy Dull City - Citadel Records)

I Don't Mind - The Dragons (Three Cheers For Me - Junk Records)

Twilight Of The Modern Age - Deniz Tek (Detroit - Citadel Records)

In And Out Of My Life (In A Day) - The Pandoras (7" single - Rhino Records)

W.A.S.T.E.D - The Horrortones (7" triple box - Mere Noise)

Master of 2 Servants - Ed Kuepper and Mark Dawson (Second Winter - Prince Melon Records)

Dangerous - Hydromatics (Three Chords and a Cloud of Dust Scott Morgan box set - Easy Action)

Barkhammer - The Mark Of Cain (Songs Of The Third And Fifth - Feelpresents)

Wasn't Born Yesterday - Powder Monkeys (Time Wounds All Heels - Au Go Go)

Economy First - The Living Eyes (The Living Eyes - Z-Man Records)

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Drunk and Disorderly Episode 27

We're back with the best bang-up collection of multiple-headed, mutant garage and punk rock and roll with soul that you'll hear this side of the Black Stump. Wrap your ears around this lot while The Barman fixes you a drink.

Be Yr Drug - Simon Chainsaw (Eight Time Lucky - Retrospective Best Of 1999-2010 - Dark Roasted)

I'm Hungry - Iggy & The Stooges (Raw Power Outtakes - Legacy)

Kickin' Like A Mule- Black Buzzard (Wake The Dead  - self released)

Everyone Seems To Be Out To Get You - The Hard-Ons (Alfalfa Males Once Summer Is Done Conform Or Die - Cool Bananas)

Like Me, I'm A Peacock - The Cubical (Come Sing These Crippled Tunes - High Spot/Fuse)

Dog Food - Iggy Pop (California Hitch-Hike SF '79 - Easy Action)

Hand Grenade Heart - Thunderbolt Patterson (The LP Is Dead - No Fun)

Shake Some Action - Jenny Dee & The Deelinquents (single)

Since I Lost My Baby  - Scott Morgan (Scott Morgan - Alive Natural Sound)

Hexbreaker - The Fleshtones (It's Super Rock Time! - Raven)

Snake Charmer - The Frowning Clouds (Listen Closelier - Off The Hip)

See The Way - Black Diamonds  (So You Wanna Be a Rock 'N' Roll Star - Raven)

Bury You Alive - Batusis (Batusis - Smogveil)

Waiting Word - New Christs (single -Green Records)

Red Hair - Digger & The Pussycats (D.I.Y. - Spooky Records)

Hot Shit From Switzerland  - Urban Junior (Two Headed Demon - Voodoo Rhythm)

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Another rockin' epsisode of the I-94 Bar Podcast. We're up to Number 26. Who said it'd never last? No particular theme this time, just stuff you might like and a box of old and new.

Quit Your Belly Achin' Baby - The Swingin' Neckbreakers (45)

Cara-Lin - Roy Loney & Señor No (Got Me A Hot One/Hotsak Records)

No Counts - The Snoozefests (One Way Ticket To Snoresville/self released)

Walking The Dog - The Dunhill Blues (The Dunhill Blues/Off The Hip)

Ukele MF - The Good Old Boys (All Or Nothing/Beast Records)

Here Is The Punishment - Giants Of Science (Live At The Troubador/Plus One)

The Chandelier - The Works (Best Served Rare/DPR)

I Can't Help Thinking Of You - Bucket (A Forest Of Gold Tops/Gift Records) Hot & Cold - Spencer P. Jones And The Escape Committee (Hang On Hang - Live From Melbourne/Beast Records)

After The Fire - Little Murders (Stop Plus Singles 1978 - 1986/Off The Hip)

Check The Centre - Witch Hats (Solarium Down The Causeway EP/Z-Man Records)

Can't You Smell Me Burning? - The Maladies (With You Right By My Side, Baby The Deal Just Can't Go Down/self released)

Man In The Bar - Mark Steiner (Sofy Perez vocal) (Broken/Z-Man)

Funnel Of Love - Wanda Jackson (Born Bad - Volume 1)

Bored - Niagara & The Hitmen (St Valentine's Day Massacre/Savage Beat-Steel Cage Ride Your Pony - The Fleshtones (Roman Gods/IRS)

Pirate Love- Freddy Lynx and the Jets Boys (I Only Play R&R For Kids to Dance/Skydog Records)

Baby, Let's Twist - Dictators (iViva Dictators/New Media Studio)
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Another bag of bits and pieces, many of them shiny and new. Hear the first preview anywhere of the live album by Niagara and Australia's Hitmen. Re-commissioned Stooges guitarist James Williamson also does us the honour of his presence.

Here Is The Punishment - Giants Of Science (Live At The Troubador/Plus 1 Records)
TV Eye - Niagara & The Hitmen (St Valentine's Day Massacre/Savage Beat-Steel Cage)
You'll Never Work In This Town Again - Vegas Kings (You'll Never Work In This Town Again/Mere Noise)
Scene Of The Crime [Bonus Track Rec London '72] - Iggy & the Stooges (Heavy Liquid 6 Disk Box Set/Easy Action)
Biggest Prick - The Ashtones (Mainline Rockets/Nicotine Records)
Watch Me Burn - Mike Furber (A Forest Of Gold Tops/bootleg)
Stop And Think It Over - Johnny Casino & The Secrets (Live On 3PBS/Off The Hip)
It's Easy When You Don't Know How - The Kill Devil Hills (Man, You Should Explode/Torn & Frayed)
Don't Bother Me - Los Hories (Don't Bother Us EP/Off The Hip)
Don't Slander Me - The Shimmys (Brunettes On The Rocks/Off The Hip)
Psycho - T.Tex Edwards & Out On Parole (Pardon Me, I've Got Someone To Kill/Saustex Records)
Atomic Resolution - The Neurotic Spiders (Down To Kill/Nicotine)
Three Steps From The Bar - The Dragons (Rock 'n' Roll Kamikaze/Gearhead)
Stagger Swamp - The Ride Ons (Delinquents With Hotrods/self released)
The Maestro's Shadow - The Intercontinental Playboys (Hymns Of The Flesh/I-94 Bar Records)
City Slang - Sonic's Rendezvous Band (Masonic Auditorium, Detroit 1978/Rock-a-Rama-Alive)
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We've been all laid up with a hard drive that died but has been revived so we're out of traction and back in action. Here's a mix of old, righteous stuff and some new Rock Action that's been coming down our pipeline.

As always, you can find out more about this music at www.i94bar.com or drop the Barman a line at barman@i94bar.com and we'll be happy to help you track any of it down.

Guilty - Los Hories (Don't Bother Us EP/Off The Hip)
Goin' Ape - The Tex Reys (Cave Girl/self released)
Memories Remain - Penny Ikinger (Fragile EP/self released)
Left Alone - Mother And Father (Nothin'/Z-Man Records)
Nite Watchmen - Mimic Jester (Wilde Psych/unknown)
Away With Me - Labor Party (Hellhound Down/Steel Cage)
Civilized Man - Tex Napalm & Dimi Dero (Stinky Singers/Beast Records)
Of Hopes And Dreams And Tombstones - Purple Hearts (Benzedrine Beat/Half a Cow)
The Price Of Love - The DTs (Nice'n'Ruff - Hard Soul Hits Vol. 1/Estrus)
I Wanna Turn Off Your Smile - Sonic Assassin (State is Enemy Forever!/Freakshow Records)
Sister Soul - The Holy Curse (Feed The Dogs/Turborock)
Bad Queenie - The Intercontinental Playboys (Hymns Of The Flesh/I-94 Bar Records)
Take It Easy - The Cherry Valence (The Cherry Valence/Estrus)
Siam - The Kill Devil Hills (Man, You Should Explode/Torn & Frayed)
Midnight Moses - Angus Khan (Black Leather Soul/Nickel & Dime Records)
Good Soldier - Vegas Kings (You'll Never Work In This Town Again/Mere Noise Records)
Brother Grahame Says -Johnny Casino & The Secrets (Live On 3PBS/Off The Hip)
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Greetings from The Barman.

A pile of rough-edged new stuff, including swampy Melbourne blues band The Dacios, Swedish punk-metal mental cases Apa State Mental and Sydney suave voodoo garage exponents the Intercontinental Playboys (new album out ijn August in I-94 Barb Records - blatant plug) so knock yourself out, download it and don't forget to leave a comment (or tip).

Drinking Much Too Long - Russian Roulettes (R & R/Off the Hip)
It's Not Your Fault - Sonny Vincent With Members Of Rocket From The Crypt (Sonny Vincent With Members Of Rocket From The Crypt/We Deliver the Guts-Cargo)
I Love Your Neurosis - The Nervebreakers (We Went And Recorded It Anyway/Brutarian Quarterly)
Hardly a Sane Man's Wallpaper - Apa State Mental (The Reunited Heavy Metal Sounds of Apa State Mental/The Mighty Kong)
The Escape - Radio Moscow (Brain Cycles/Alive)
She's Bad - Nathaniel Mayer (Why Won't You Le Me Be Black?/Alive)
It's All Getting Too Much - The Intercontinental Playboys (Hymns of the Flesh/I-94 Bar Records)
New Bully In The Town - Laughing Clowns (Live at GoMA/Prince Melon Records)
You Can't Sit Down - The Purple Hearts (Before Birdmen Flew/bootleg)
Liberty Lovers - The Dacios (Monkeys Blood/Solarsonar)
American Bandstand - The Seat Belts (We Went And Recorded It Anyway/Brutarian Quarterly)
Big Shot - Bunt (Birdland/Turbonun)
Surfin' Armageddon - Jukebox Zeros (Rock 'n' Roll Ronin/Rank Outsider)
Slappin' My Balls - The Meatbeaters (Carry On Tuggin'/Pressed Meat)
Special Kind of Man - Apa State Mental (The Reunited Heavy Metal Sounds of Apa State Mental/The Mighty Kong)
Grammar of Misery - The Barracudas (Mean Time/Big Time)
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Drunk & Disorderly Episode 22 Here comes another episode of Drunk & Disorderly. Lots of new stuff and quite a bit you wonlt have heard. Don't forget to leave a comment and if you like what you hear, get on over to http://www.garagepunk.com to wrap your ears around our all-Aussie podcast "Down & Out Downunder."

Are You a Boy Or Are You a Girl - The Faceful (The Dogs Tribute...Doggy Style/Future Now Records)

No Time For Rock N Roll - Left Arm (Disatisoul/Trouble In River City)

All Your Love - Mick Medew & The Rumours (All Your Love/I-94 Bar Records)

Cave Girl - The Texreys (Cave Girl/Ugh! Records)

Downtown Paranoia Blues - Soledad Brothers (The Hardest Walk/Alive Records)

Soul Power - Freddy Lynxx (Full Cover/Sucksex)

Oggie Boggie - The Ooga Boogas (Romance & Adventure/Arght!)

#6 Dance - Truckstop Lovechild (Drink Fight Fuck/Zodiac Killer Records)

Try Something - New Christs (Gloria/Impedance)

Abandon Ship - Gentle Ben & His Sensitive Side (7" single/Spooky)

How Long Is Too Long - The Movements (The World, The Flesh And The Devil/Alleycat)

Dreamcatcher - The Lash Outs (Drink Fight Fuck/Zodiac Killer Records)

Love Cancer - Painkillers (Love Cancer/Truck)

More Drugs More Lies - Sonic Assassin (Downfall of Aces/Nicotine Records)

Bleed For You - Los Hories (What's The Time?/Off The Hip)

Do It Again - The Long Strides (The Long Strides/Off The Hip)

Killer Weed - Eddie Spaghetti (Drink Fight Fuck/Zodiac Killer Records)

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Drunk & Disorderly I-94 Bar Podcast Episode 21: New Stuff Another week, another Podcast. Here's a stack of recently-released stuff for your aural pleasure. If you want to know where to procure any of it, drop The Barman a line.

Jesus Invented Beer -The Bible Beaters (Drink. Fight. Fuck. Volume III)

Lex In B - The Pink Fits (De Ja Blues)

Doin' Time - The Candy Snatchers (Drink. Fight. Fuck. Volume III)

Stickin' Around - The Soul Movers (unreleased 7")

Bruna - Simon Chainsaw (Alpha Negra)

Memory Layne - The Dolly Rocker Movement (Our Days Mind The Tyme)

Underdog - The Movements (The World The Flesh And The Devil)

Revolution Blues - Blood Group (Revolution Blues EP)

Strange Kind Of Love - Molten Universe (No Love Around EP)

Rock-N-Roll Victim - Death (For the Whole World to See EP)

Hold On Together - Dollhouse (Rock and Roll Revival)

Tell Me Why - Tony Worsley (Before Birdmen Flew)

Primitive Tales - The Kits (Primitive Tales)

I'm A Lover Not A Fighter - The Downliners Sect (International Stomp-O-Lation)

Know Your Product - The Saints (Pig City - Live In Brisbane 2007)

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Episode 20 - I Eat More Chicken Than Any Man You Ever Seen We're back with another episode. This one is songs about chicken. It's deep fried, barbecued, roasted in herbs and spices and about as healthy as white meat can be, Get it into you!

Super Chicken (Toon Tunes: 50 Favorite Classic Cartoon Songs)

Cockblocked - The Jack Saints (Rock and Roll Saved Our Lives...But Now It's Trying to Kill Us!)

Chicken Scratch - The Raunch Hands (Learn To Whap-A-Dang)

The Greasy Chicken - Andre Williams (Movin' On - Greasy And Explicit Soul Movers 1956-1970)

Run Chicken- The Milkshakes (Rockabilly Psychosis and the Garage Disease)

Flight Of The Shit Bird - Six Ft Hick (Canetrash)

Thunder Chicken -The Mighty Imperials (Thunder Chicken)

Chicken Of The Sea - The Raunch Hands (Learn To Whap-A-Dang)

Chicken Head- Whiskey Daredevils (The Essential Whiskey Daredevils)

Chicken - Spark Plugs (Born Bad - Volume 4)

Kicks & Chicks - The Zipps (single)

Finger Lickin_ Chicken - Radors (single)

Chicken Thighs - Andre Williams (Movin' On - Greasy And Explicit Soul Movers 1956-1970)

Chicken Hawk - The Pink Fits(Fuzzyard Gravebox)

Barnyard Blues - 13th Floor Elevators (Bull Of The Woods)

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Drunk & Disorderly Episode 19 Here's the first show for 2009. Too busy with other things to get this up before now but the pace will pick up from here. If you like this stuff, leave a comment. If you want to know where to buy it, send an email to barman@i94bar.com

Blonde Zombie - Mazinga (Open the Blast Doors EP)

Sticking Up For Myself - Simon Chainsaw (Alpha Negra)

Goin' to Lose - Destroy All Monsters (Bored)

Dig Your Attitute - The Booby Traps (Makin' It With The Booby Traps)

Bongo Flip - Lipstick Killers (Mesmerizer)

Cherry Ass Nation - JJ Speedball (Behind Enemy Lines)

Get Closer - The Kits (Primitive Tales)

Black Annis - Trash (Trash CD-single)

The Sound of My Broken Heart - Dead Rabids (Dead Rabids demo)

Just Can't Control Her - The Nicotene Fits (Like the Curse)

I Was a Cannibal For the FBI - The Torpedo Monkeys (Lunchtime With The Torpedo Monkeys)

High School Honey - The Shimmys (Drive You Wild)

Less Than I Spend - Proton Energy Pills (Rocket To Tarrawanna)

The Hot Generation - The Sunsets (single)

I Don't Wanna Go Out - X (X-Aprirations re-issue)

How Many Times - Kevin K (Deutschland)

Dedication - Sonny Vincent (Parallax In Wonderland)

Shaken And Stirred - Green Circles (Tavistrock Street)

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Xmas 2008 Podcast

Here's the Xmas 2008 Podcast. This is the new home for Drunk & Disorderly, so please adjust your Podcatcher accordingly.

Message From The King - Bob Rivers

Some Kind Of Kick - The Things (Some Kind Of Kick)

Hey Gypsy - Billy Pommer Jr & The Guilty Plea (Billy Pommer Jr & The Guilty Plea)

See You Cryin’ - Screwtop Detonators (3, 2, 1… I’m Done)

Fade Your Brilliance - Leadfinger (Rich Kids)

Santa Came In Stripes - The Finkers (Epilogue)

Away With Me - Labor Party (Hellhound Down)

Monkey - Apa State Mental (Apa State Mental)

River Swamp Stomp - Midnight Woolf (Tropical Disease)

Rock And Roll Heart - Painkillers (Love Cancer)

Gypsy Davy - Painkillers (Love Cancer)

Solid Gold - Black Diamond Heavies (A Touch Of Someone Else’s Class)

Got To Get Out Of This Town - Thee Fine Lines (International Stomp-O-Lation

See The Way - The Black Diamonds (Before Birdmen Flew bootl*g)

Nothing’s Wrong - Los Hories (What’s The Time!?)

I’m a Lonely Man - Nathaniel Mayer (Why Don’t You Give It to Me)

Kick The Drugs - The Wallbangers (Kick The Drugs)

Silent Night - Phil Spector and Artists (A Christmas Gift For You From Phil Spector)

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